Cheats and Tricks for Hay Day on Android

For those of you who enjoy playing all those interesting games that require you to grow from ashes, to create a new city, park, farm, or house. Hay Day is pretty much like this. You need to become a successful farmer, with many animals around it, with trees, crops and buildings. Even if the game itself is not that complicated, you might need some help. Here are some interesting and useful Hay Day cheats and tricks, which can help you increase your level, gain a lot of money and gain experience.


First of all, let me just tell you how I started to play Hay Day, and how this game has managed to be on my daily, even hourly routine. I was playing a different game, once in a while developed by the same SuperCell, and suddenly, and annoying ad appeared on the screen. The next day the same, and until the fourth day, when I tapped on it, it did not disappear. Moreover, starting with that day, I managed to get to level 33 in less than four days. I must confess that I had some help from a friend, a high-level friend who provided me with a couple of things I was required to deliver.

Now, I might consider myself an experienced player since I managed to discover most of its secrets and tricks. In addition, with the help of the right Hay Day cheats and codes, I managed to reach level 35 while I was writing this article. Here are some of the advices I took in mind when I first started to play this game, and which helped me a lot.


Get More Diamonds – Hay Day Cheats


As Candy Crush has golden lingos, and Farmville has its own cash currency, Hay Day works on diamonds. You get a couple of them in the beginning, but in the end, I am sure that you will end up with not even a single one. For this reason, instead of spending real money, you should keep in mind these useful Hay Day cheats and tricks.

There are many ways in which you can get more diamonds and even some free ones. for instance, if you synchronize your Facebook account with the game, you will get diamonds every time you go up a level. In the same time, when first logging in using Hay Day, players will get five diamonds. Alternatively, you can get a free diamond each time you watch a movie or a trailer. For this, just click on the movie ticket that is near the mail. Wait a couple of seconds and then close the movie. In the end, you will be able to see a diamond added to your diamond number.

In the same time, another interesting aspect is related to the mine. Once you reach level 24, you can start mining for ore and diamonds. If you open the mine and blast using TNT or shovel, you can get some free diamonds every few explosions. As you may already know, once you help out other neighbors and players, you can get many purple tickets. These tickets appear right near the newspaper and you can exchange them for diamonds.


Alternative, once you reach level 27 and you gather enough money to unlock the fishing boat, you can start fishing. This will give you fish as well as 1-3 diamonds, depending on the size of the fish you catch. Bronze fish get one diamond, silver one gets two and the gold one gives you three diamonds. It is up to you how often you choose to fish, especially since it depends on the tickets you have.

Now, another way in which you can get plenty of diamonds is by completing various achievements. You can get up to 5 diamonds, when completing the last level of certain achievements. However, it will take a while to complete get these trophies, and basically, you will have to play the game on a daily basis.

As you may see, these Hay Day Cheats and tricks can turn out to be pretty useful, especially if you enjoy playing this game, and if you want to be the best of your neighbors. Once you have understood how the game works, you will see that you will be able to grow in level and experience while you gather a lot of gold.


Enhance Your Gaming Experience with Some Useful Hay Day Cheats

Hay Day has become quite popular, especially due to its addictive nature and the daily need of interaction. Basically, Hay Day requires your permanent attention because you will have to visit your farm each day and even a couple of times a day because you need to harvest crops, plant other crops and tend your livestock. However, if you use the following timesaving and resource gathering Hay Day cheats and tricks, you will be able to grow your farm bigger and stronger.

The game is actually quite entertaining as long as you plan to develop and take good care of your farm. For this, am sure that you will need a little bit of help, especially since there are so many tips and tricks available. As any other game designed for mobile devices, Hay Day is free for download, but it does have in app purchases, which allow you to purchase diamonds, Hay Day’s currency. These diamonds will allow you to speed up the process of growing or making goods, which will give you Hay Day coins and experience.

Pay attention to the following Hay Day cheats and tricks and I am sure that you will enhance your gaming experience in no time. After all, with each game you play, you learn a lot of new things; things that can help you succeed and move ahead of your friends.

How to Get Money Quickly


I am sure that most of you would consider this trick to be one of the best Hay Day cheats available, since we all need coins in order grow our farm. To get money quickly, first, you should go hunting through your newspaper, as well as your friends’ newspapers, for construction equipment, such as saws, dynamite, as well as other goods selling in bulk. If you get 5 for 400 coins you will definitely make a good deal, because afterwards, you will be selling each one of them individually for around 150 coins. You do the math here.

Pay Attention to Toolboxes

As you know, you have a toolbox where you can keep your equipments. Your friends have it too. Browse through your friends’ farms and see which one of them has his toolbox unlocked. Click on it once you find it and see what you can get. You can get bolts, screws, tapes and more. Do this over and over again, until you have enough equipment to sell to others.

There are plenty other Hay Day cheats and glitches, which can allow you to get easy gold. For example, if you go to the road shop and buy a new slot and you click on the one you bought, you can see 5 pieces of wood, which will render you around 500,000 gold. However, keep in mind the fact that you can do this thing only once.

Fast Experience Hay Day Cheats

If you want to get fast XP, you need to fulfill achievements as quickly as possible. In the same time, look for several advertisements in the newspaper, then visit the people who have apple advertisements for example. Search their farm for shaking trees with exclamation marks above. Click on the sign and gather their harvest for XP reward. Visit other people’s farms and look at their dock to see if it has a crate with an exclamation mark above. Click and take a look at the supplies you need to get an XP reward.

Besides these useful Hay Day cheats, most people are looking to find different tips and tricks to get Hay Day diamonds. If you want to earn some couple diamonds, you can open your mine and use TNT. This will procure diamonds every couple of blasts. When you have enough diamonds, pay for Tom’s service. Again, blow the mine and use as much metal as you can, against more diamonds will come randomly. However, this job requires you to use Tom, and to pay for his services as well as to purchase a bunch of TNT.

For many other interesting Hay Day Cheats, visit out page and stay in touch with the latest tips and tricks in order to enhance your gaming experience and pass level after level. However, first, you need to head over to Google’s Play store or Apple’s App store and download the game completely free. Nonetheless, do not forget about the in app purchases.